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Friend Me!

December 12th, 2010 (02:49 am)

Starting Over!
If you want me as a friend, add me, and I'll add you back :)

Oh, and I decided to make this friends only - I post pictures of my friends and I, so no creepers!


Posted by: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (riffrandell)
Posted at: June 7th, 2008 05:16 am (UTC)

Happy Birthday! (from an ONTD member who saw your FFAF reply)

Posted by: Kae (watermelon04)
Posted at: June 10th, 2008 05:58 pm (UTC)

Thank you!!

Posted by: anonchat (anonchat)
Posted at: September 19th, 2008 06:02 am (UTC)


Back and with new moderators, anonchat is the best place to talk about everything, nothing, and all that's in between. Come on by and tell us about your day, ask us for advice, ask questions, meet new friends, talk about movies, whatever you want.

Unlike most communities, you also have the option of remaining anonymous, so if you want to give away private information without anyone knowing it's you or just don't want your username to get out, that's fine by us.

So come on by to anonchat and get chatting! Please bear with us if things are a bit slow at first and just start posting, and hopefully soon we'll be back to being the best place to go and waste time online!

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